Chemistry Results

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Name of the juices pH


Starch Protein Carbohydrate Magnesium Iron Potassium
1. Apple Acidic + + + + +
2. Star Fruit Acidic +
3. Mango Acidic + +
4. Potato Neutral + + + + +
5. Lemon Acidic + +
6. Cucumber Acidic +
7. Tomato Acidic +
8. Ginger Basic
9. Carrot Neutral + + +

This year the Vijaya Sanmelan was organised on the mandir premises of the Circular path locality by Naba Samannay Mahila Samity, Rukmini Nagar, Guwahati.
The program is organised each year next to Laxmi Puja….so as to refresh our thoughts of a week long Puja Vacations, which are supposed to be over this monday.
Today, with what I saw I could devise the performances into 3 section:
First, those of energetic performances by the kids….it was more of fun….something that every walks of the society would like….may it be youngsters or the old people
Secondly, such performances that more than entertaining acted as sleeping pills to me…………….brrbbb………..GooD niGhT..

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